Lumia 610 now available on Three

Nokia Lumia 610 now available on Three, packed full of features and of course the latest Windows Phone software; Windows 7.5. Nokia Lumia allows you to turn your phone in to a Wi-fi hotspot, so all your gadgets can be connected wherever you go.

Like the other phones in the Lumia family the 610 comes with a selection of apps that are unique to Nokia, notable of these are Nokia Drive, which is basically free sat nav that gives you turn by turn spoken directions. If you’re anything like me and have no sense of direction, then this is going to come in pretty handy! Or if music on the move is more your thing how about Nokia Music? Mix Radio has playlists galore, just pick one and away you go, you’ll be in non-stop music heaven wherever you are

Get one in a 3Store or Online today.

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